We are a small Quaker worship community in the metro area of Minneapolis-St Paul in Minnesota. You are most welcome to look over this website to learn more about us.  We hope you’ll be able to join us in our worship in the future.

OUR  MEETINGS FOR WORSHIP IN PERSON HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR THE INDEFINITE FUTURE BECAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. We plan on meeting via Zoom weekly for the foreseeable. Please contact us using the information above right if you want to join us.

WORSHIP TIME:  We generally worship on the 2nd Sunday and the 4th Sunday of the month (2nd and 4th First Days) at 1:30 pm. We are also gathering at 1:30 on 3rd First Day for potluck and worship (12:30 beginning in November 2019). Most First Days (Sundays), please plan to be with us until 3:30 so we might have some fellowship after the hour-long worship closes.  On those days when we have Meeting for Worship with attention to Business, we generally meet for 2 hours.

Sometimes we also have meeting for worship combined with focused sessions on various topics, such as our state of society report (an annual report to the Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). Three times a year, we plan on having a worship session that addresses the business of Laughing Waters Friends. Usually these Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business are held on days not scheduled for regular meeting for worship. In any case, all are welcome to join us for any of these sessions. Though we are engaged in ongoing business that may not be immediately familiar, all our work is intended to be carried out in the spirit of worshipful attention to what is at hand, and we welcome all to join us in that work.

For last minute changes in time or location of worship, such as in the case of bad weather, we do our best to update the Timely News page.

LOCATION: to be determined

FIRST DAY SCHOOL (Religious Education) for children; CHILDCARE: For many years, we had a religious education program grounded in the Godly Play program, but our regularly attending children have mostly aged out of it, and we’ve stopped meeting separately as adults and children. We gather for worship all together. Sometimes, children and their parent leave worship early and do some other informal activity as a family. If lack of childcare is a block to your attending, we would like to help make your attendance possible. Please be in touch. We have particular concern for child safety in our community, and have a set of policies in place to protect that safety, especially when and if we have a separate children’s program.

AFFILIATION:  Laughing Waters Friends is formally affiliated with Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) as a worship group. The use of the word “Conservative” among Friends has nothing to do with political views or social issues. If you have questions about what this means, please contact us or speak to us on a First Day (Sunday). You can email us (laughingwaters.friends AT gmail DOT com) to get more information.

Click on the link for Timely News for details and to learn about any upcoming changes to our schedule.

Last updated: 10 Seventh Month 2022 nat

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