We are a small Quaker worship community in the metro area of Minneapolis-St Paul in Minnesota.  You are most welcome to look over this website to learn more about us.  We hope you’ll be able to join us in our worship in the future.

UPDATE for SPRING 2015:  Unfortunately, we currently aren’t holding public meetings for worship at this time.   We hope to re-open our worship by Fall 2015. A small group of Friends who remain active with either the meeting or with the yearly meeting* have identified the steps that Laughing Waters need to complete in order to be ready to re-open worship to the public.  The good news is we have been making steady progress toward fulfilling our commitments to that end. This unusual process has been valuable to our small community.  We thank those who have a companioned us along the way, and we thank you for your patience.

If you would like to be notified of when we re-open our worship for the public, or if you have questions about worshiping either with Laughing Waters Friends or with other Friends meetings in the area, please contact the clerk at laughingwaters.friends AT gmail DOT com.

*Yearly meeting is a regional body of Quakers with which Laughing Waters Friends is affiliated.  

Worship time:  As of 1 Ninth Month 2013 (Sept 1, 2013), we are uncertain when we will resume worship.  Previously, most weeks we gathered for worship at 4:30 pm on Sundays (First Day).  Every other month on the 3rd Sunday, we often have gathered at 4:00 pm to address business.  At this time, we are uncertain when we will resume our meetings for worship for business.  For last minute changes in time or location, we do our best to update this page (see “Notes,” below), or click on the link for Timely News.

Location: As of 1 Ninth Month 2013 (Sept 1, 2013), we are no longer worshiping at a regular location at this time.  To find out if we are holding worship or another gathering, please send an email to lizopp AT gmail DOT com.

Laughing Waters Friends now is formally affiliated with Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) as a preparative meeting. The use of the word “Conservative” among Friends has nothing to do with political views or social issues. If you have questions about what this means, please contact us or speak to us on a First Day (Sunday). You can email us (laughingwaters.friends AT gmail DOT com) to get more information.

Every other month, we usually have a worship that addresses the business of Laughing Waters. Our next regular Meeting for Worship with attention to Business has not been scheduled. 

In addition, from time to time we have an intergenerational worship where all the adults and youth are together. We currently don’t have plans for our next scheduled intergenerational worship.

Click on the link for Timely News for details and to learn about any upcoming changes to our schedule.

Last updated: 20 Fourth Month 2015 liz