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Laughing Waters Worship Group meets to wait on God in the manner of Friends (Quakers). Our time together usually begins with hellos, hugs, and brief check-ins. The children stay with us for a short time at the beginning—it is important to us to share some worship with the children. The children leave and we continue in the silence, praying, listening for God, and listening for God in each other.

A designated person closes Meeting for Worship with a handshake, and we shake hands with those next to us.

After the close of Worship, the group continues to sit in silence for a bit longer. We make space for each person, if they choose, to share a little about their experience in Worship that day. We often find that we had common experiences. After this sharing, we continue with announcements, snacks, and further conversation. The children return during this time, and they sometimes share their experiences as well.

At the moment, we schedule worship twice a month, on second and fourth First Days (Sundays), but, being few in number, sometimes cancel if we will not have more than one family represented. Locations include St James on the Parkway Episcopal church in south Minneapolis, the home of one of our members in Dundas, MN, and other member homes. The best plan is to contact us or look on our front page to find out where we will be. Some of our scheduled meetings are meetings for worship with attention to business, where we worshipfully attend to specific, often practical concerns of the meeting, rather than strictly meetings for worship.


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