Frequently Asked Questions

When do you meet?
We gather twice a month at 1:30 pm on second and fourth First Days (the second and fourth Sundays) for greetings, welcome, etc.  After about an hour of waiting worship, someone will close worship with a handshake.  We then have a practice of staying in a quiet, centered mode and sharing as we are led about our experience of worship. On third First Days, we meet at 12:30 pm for a potluck and to consider a set of queries set out by our yearly meeting, or other queries the person leading feels led to ask.

Where do you meet? 
Currently we meeting in three locations: two in Minneapolis and the other about an hour south.  More details are on the Home page.

How big is Laughing Waters?
We include members of about five or six households in our regular group. Our typical weekly attendance is about five, with some adults and some younger members, but it varies.

How is Laughing Waters different from the other Quaker meetings that are in the Twin Cities area? 
We have found that the best way to answer this question is to experience worship for yourself.  All Meetings and Worship Groups have similarities and differences, so we encourage you to visit Laughing Waters Friends Preparative Meeting, as well as other Meetings in the area.

Is Laughing Waters affiliated with a yearly meeting?
Laughing Waters Friends Preparative Meeting is affiliated with Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). We are leaving the door open with Northern Yearly Meeting for ongoing friendship and connection.

Do you offer child care or religious education for children?
Since we have been meeting together for worship, we have valued the presence and participation of the children among us. For many years we incorporated Godly Play and Quaker oriented Faith and Play into our religious education (First Day School) for the children. We had a paid childcare teacher, who is trained in Godly Play, who provided care and religious education for our children. As of 2018,  the needs of our regular attending young people has changed, and we are meeting for worship all as a group.

Do you have regular business sessions?
Currently, Laughing Waters Friends Preparative Meeting conducts business, presided over by the worship group’s clerk, about every other month or as the need for tending to certain concerns arises.

When carried out well, Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business (MfWfB) is a worshipful and gathered experience, during which the focus of the worship is to address responsibilities and concerns that are under the care of Laughing Waters Friends.  In addition, it is a time for us to lay aside our personal preferences and desires for certain outcomes and instead seek unity in understanding how we as a corporate body are being guided by the Spirit.

We have a number of committees that address certain items of business, thresh them, and season them before bringing the items to Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

How long have you been meeting?
The first stirrings of the worship group emerged in 2002.  We drafted our initial minute of understanding in 2004.  For more details, please see About Us.

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