Answering queries

We have spent time as a Worship Group answering queries together as a group. This is a discipline that Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative practices. As we have considered affiliation with a larger Quaker body, we have answered queries to experience this discipline. Below are some of our query responses.

YEAR 2013

Query 1: Meeting for Worship
Response for 1st month, 2013

YEAR 2012

Query 3: Meeting for Business
Response for 3rd month, 2012

Query 5Mutual Care
Response for 5th month, 2012

Query 8: Personal Responsibility
Response for 8th month, 2012

Query 9: Civic Responsibility
Response for 9th month, 2012

Query 12: Peace and Nonviolence
Response for 12th month, 2012

YEAR 2009 
NOTE: The clerk just discovered that the links below go nowhere 🙁 She’ll update this page as soon as she can, hopefully by the end of Fifth Month 2014. -Liz

Query 5:  Mutual Care
Spring 2009 Response

Query 6: Education
Summer 2009 Response

Query 7: Home and Family 
Fall 2009 Response


(Note: We laid down the practice of answering queries for a time between 2010 and the present.)

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